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What's New for November 10, 2002
Unfortunately, I am extremely busy right now with school, work, and other obligations that I must put before this site. Because of this, I cannot guarantee that there will be many or any updates to this site until fall semester is over, which is early-mid december. I am still checking email that I recieve through this site and checking the forums and am happy to answer any questions you may have. I try to answer them as quickly as possible. I apologize for any inconvenience, and will try to update this site whenever and wherever possible. Thanks for your patience.

What's New for October 27, 2002
Well, It's been a while since we've had a what's new update. If you haven't been actively browsing in the last couple of days, you probably haven't noticed the slight changes in the layout. We are now sporting a revamped logo, and a brand spankin' new search button to go with it. Other areas of the layout have also been updated, such as images for the forums and the header bar colors. On top of all of this, a few more miniscule details have been updated (grammatical errors and typos mainly).

I am excited to announce that there will be something more to the index page soon. One or more new features will be implemented as soon as possible. Although I have several seemingly good ideas running through my head as I sit here typing, I would love to here what you would like to see added. So if you have a good idea that you would like to see on Website Wisdom, please either fill out a Suggestion Form or send an e-mail out to

Finally, as promised, there are updates to the site. There are three new JavaScript tutorials: alert, prompt, and confirm boxes and comments and variables.

What's New for October 21, 2002
The JavaScript scripts section has been updated. All of the scripts in the following sections have been made available: Alert Boxes, Background and Window Effects, Browser Effects, and Calculators. In addition to the availability of old sections, there are also some new scripts added to the lot. So have a look!

What's New for October 18, 2002
All of the JavaScript generators are now available for use. Also, there is a new tutorial available in the JavaScript tutorials: An Introduction to Javascript.

The JavaScript scripts section is back up, but since there were literally hundreds of scripts, it will take a while before the full content of that section is back. As of now, there are no scripts back up, just the structure of the section. Some of the scripts will need to get a makeover, or be tested more extensively before they are put back up. This is all part of a plan to provide cleaner scripts and more information about each individual script, including browser restrictions. I will try to make this process as speedy as possible, while keeping other aspects of this site, such as restoring and, in some cases, redoing tutorials, references, etc. that are not up yet, in check. I will try my best to keep a balance between the different sections, and keep bringing back tutorials, references, etc. while restoring the scripts and programs sections and working towards the tests and chat sections.

Any help with content in the form of suggestions, contributions, or other is greatly appreciated. If you have a tutorial, reference, or other documentation you would like to see on Website Wisdom, please use our interactive contact section. Several forms to automatically submit your information are available to you, and are preferred by us, as they send us information in a standardized format that we can quickly scan and interpret. You can also use any of the email addresses provided in the contact section. You will get visible credit lines displayed on any tutorial, reference, or other material that you submit. Optionally, you can also have your name on the credit link to your e-mail address or site.

Once again, any contributions of any form are greatly appreciated. As always, I thank you for your patience and support in the refurbishing of Website Wisdom!

What's New for October 16, 2002
Several new JavaScript generators are available for use.

What's New for October 15, 2002
Once again, new tutorials are available. Most of the new tutorials are in the miscellaneous tutorials section. There is also a new Java applet tutorial available in the DHTML tutorials section.

The generators are also being brought back up soon. So far one of the generators has been put into the new format. It will be released sometime today, with the others following in the next week.

What's New for October 14, 2002
We are still making progress at a reasonably steady rate. All of the HTML tutorials are now up as well as all of the HTML references.

There have also been some bug/glitch fixes. The "be a partner" program upload images glitch was caused by an incorrect CHMOD (permissions) in the upload folder. That was remedied. Also, if you tried to update the order of the menus in site options from anything but the default, it would not work. This was fixed.

In the forums, the attachments work now. There was a problem attaching files to posts, replies, or private messages. This is fixed. Also, a slight problem with the display of the topic review when replying to a post was fixed.

What's New for October 13, 2002
Website Wisdom is slowely but surely regaining its content. There are several HTML tutorials back up. The hexidecimal colors reference and the ASCII codes reference are back online in the miscellaneous references.

Please make a note: Unfortunately, the domain of will no longer work to access the forums. Don't let this fool you, the forums are up and running. You can access them through the site or use a direct link at

What's New for October 12, 2002
Website Wisdom is back and it's sporting a brand new layout! But that's not all, it has brought a slew of new features to accompany this layout. If you were already a member on the Website Wisdom Forums, then you have a Website Wisdom account! It's the same as your forums account.

With this account, you may use all features of the forums, bookmark specific pages on the site, modify the site layout, and join the "Be A Partner" program! Not only can you do this, but you can do it all for free! If you are not a member of Website Wisdom, you can register now and in minutes have access to all of the great features that go with a Website Wisdom membership.

Website Wisdom would also like to welcome back all of the previous users! In the interests of you and everyone else, Website Wisdom is back up even though all of the tutorials, references, and all the rest will take a bit longer. I will keep you informed as to rereleases and new releases via this page. I invite you to check out the site options that you can use with this new layout, and to look at the new FAQ for questions.

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